Digital transformation for the financial industry.
Operative Ecosystem
Generic solutions don't understand the complexities of the financial business.

The specific singularities of the industry call for tools with less range but far more depth than what is generally available. N5 operative ecosystem is a series of integrated modules fed by legacy systems data, offering a diverse set of functionalities with core business impact. It consolidates data and provides a variety of points of view serving the objectives of the user.

Fintech Hub
Home Banking
Social Network
The Book
Shrute Test
Microsoft Dynamics
Dynamic CTAs
Digital Transformation
Designed for banks, insurance and wealth management companies.

N5 is a layer that connects with multiple, slow and complex legacy systems, as used in banks, to give them the speed, flexibility and user experience of a fintech, with the confidence, security and stability of an established institution. We believe in a different way of transformation, one that leverages existing strengths and uses current resources more intelligently.

Smart Technology
Artificial intelligence, regulated by specific business rules.

We combine the most advanced artificial intelligence and native machine learning with “The Book”, a proprietary set of 620 business rules designed by the best Banking, Insurance and Wealth Management team in the industry with a minimum over ten years of experience in the field.

N5 was created on top of three main pillars
Banking, technology and artificial intelligence development.

N5 is conformed by a diverse group of people, experts in the financial industry, technology and AI. It is mandatory for all employees at N5 to have, at least, 10 years of experience in their field, and at least 15 years for managers. N5 is also backed by solid investment funds who allow the structure that enables physical presence in all geographies.

Our expertise

Our multidisciplinary and international team provides years of expertise in banking, technology, artificial intelligence and international business development. Our team has been instrumental in leading digital transformation in the industry for the last 14 years.

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Business Strategy
Business Strategy
Technology & Digital
Head Consultant
Product Development
Gabriela Ruggeri
Gabriela Ruggeri
Weschler & Schnaidman
Marcelo Pessoa
Guillermo Monge
Laura Prado
Federico Guaglianone
Christie Jovanovich

Gabriela Ruggeri is Managing Partner for Overboost and Managing Partner for Seagrass Capital Partners, focusing on early stage investing and company building in Latin America. She also represents DMGT International as Business Development Director for Latin America.

Gabriela Ruggeri is Managing Partner for Overboost and Managing Partner for Seagrass Capital Partners, focusing on early stage investing and company building in Latin America. She also represents DMGT International as Business Development Director for Latin America.

Weschler & Schnaidman are considered the best technology duo in the Industry. They have a combined experience of 49 years. Famous for being the co-founders at Digital House, they are responsible for the Digital and Technological structure of N5.

Coming from Itau-Unibanco (the largest private bank in Latam) where has assumed the position of Sr. CRM Manager, Marcelo also dedicated more than 20 years at Citibank Brazil being the Head of CRM, Big Data and Innovation on his last. Master in Marketing (ESPM/RJ), Economics (FIPE/USP) and Machine Learning (IGTI), also gives classes on subjects related to Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies to different Brazilian institutions. Volunteering, meditation and veggie philosophy makes part of his way of life along with his two children and a lovely dog.

Guillermo is a business developer with more than 14 years of experience in the Web, Mobile Devices, Social Media and IT Industries. Guillermo has the capacity to negotiate with clients in an open and proactive way, to satisfy the business needs in the technical area and to perform an exhausted control of the project.

Laura has extensive experience working for multinational companies in management leadership positions with regional responsibilities. With a solid background in economics and corporate finance, she has a proven track-record in leading the development of new business for emerging markets, along with the ability to handle many tasks at once have been valuable skills for leading and developing teams since she arrived to Buenos Aires from Ushuaia.

After being the youngest person winning three top Awards in Latam with Survey Kiwi, Federico started working as marketing strategist for Overboost Accelerator, advising over 25 companies both in Marketing and Design. One of these companies was N5, where he is now dedicating all his talent to. Oh, and he is humble also, so the CEO of N5 in person had to write this bio and make him publish it.

Christie is bilingual Lawyer specialized in Human Resources Operation, International Recruiment and Strategic Management with more than 10 years of experience in Multinationals worldwide. She is an expert in Project Management, corporate resources maximization through the facilitation and developing of strategic relations keeping in mind the profit and medullar areas to obtain the best results.

"Banks must begin to act less traditionally and follow the path forged by other customer-centric organizations that allow themselves to be shaped by customer demand, using more mobile, more two-way, more “right-now” experiences to give customers what they want when they want it."

KPMG, Banking Outlook


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